If Only

If only we could see and know and feel all the angst and fury going on inside all those little boxes. If only we could harness it.
Bring it out into the open. If only we would speak it. Voice it.
Scream it. If only we could take it apart, destroy it,

and drop it in tiny pieces in the public square
and proclaim our freedom from it forever.

Still Waiting

Aside from the sheer awe and gut deep exhilaration I feel every time I see this, every time I hear this song, I’m reminded also of how little our society has progressed. In fact we’ve regressed in many ways. Still the same lies, and a few new ones as well. Still waiting for a revolution. Is it true that we must first bring about an inner revolution? The only way to move forward, to progress, is to change ourselves from within? What ruse, what stratagem of false purpose prevents us from living in love and light and peace
and true authentic community?