This Is Away

A rabid bat. A spasm of birds, separating in blue on blue. Nostalgia. This day, only before and away. Away. Take a lower look to all that has fallen. An intrusion of soil, separating in green on green. Shards of absence and hunger. A rewriting of us. Look. There is a calling. You are pulled towards a serrated remembering. The cutting in and cutting out of garden shadows. Ghostly abstractions that struggle to find a host.

This Is Blue Shag

Look at her, my love, proof of peace. All cascade, all swoon, all grace. She dines by moonlight, and backflips, curling through this blue sea of my true origin. She is all cotton candy. She is all feather and tentacle. She is all bramble and seagrass and moss and weed. This girl is a shipwreck. This girl now breathes under water.

This Is Working


Feeling super guilty for neglecting this little blog thingy…but I promise that it’s only because I’ve been doing tons of work, and being incredibly happy about it. I recently had three of my photographs in an art show at George Mason University. Currently, two of my collages are hanging in an exhibit at the Adam Lister Gallery. Endless gratitude to all who inspire and support everything that I do. Peace and Blessings…


This Is Returning


Candy. Love. Kiss. Hug.


This Is Only for a Moment


Why do we believe we always have more time? I love you. Please know that I love you. Peace. Love. Gratitude. Remembrance. Stay happy.