“Fallen” Opening Reception at Epicure Café Saturday October 11

Pavow by David Barr

Epicure Café is pleased to present a new art exhibition entitled Fallen. Curated by The Bunnyman Bridge Collective, Fallen brings together eight remarkable local artists.

Saturday, October 11, from 8pm to midnight, spend an evening with artists Lina Alattar, David Barr, Alex Beck, Michael Brown, Abner De Jesus, Javier Padilla, Kathy Turner, and Asad ULTRA Walker.

Music for the opening reception will include the unique and darkly ethereal electronic sounds of local indie project Den-Mate.

Fallen calls to mind a haunting and gorgeous otherworldly autumnal embrace of dismantling degeneration. This new exhibition explores not only an unfolding of new desires and the yearning that comes with the change of seasons, but also the dark spaces of our imaginations and relationships regarding decay, the fallen world, falling from grace, and fallen women. What tricks are at play in the turn of a season? What is real in this supposed postlapsarian world? What is fantasy? What illusions do we fall for in the midst of our everyday? What lush and luminous tarnished treasure can be found only through the process of rust, corrosion, destruction, and descent?

Epicure Café, located at 11104 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA, is open 7 days a week from 5 – midnight. Fallen will be on view at Epicure Café from October 11 through December 5.

Image Credit: David Barr, Pavow, mixed media on canvas, 24” x 24”