#WeTweetArt V2.0 Reception/TweetUp at artdc Gallery this Saturday, March 22, at 7pm

How would you describe your experience of social media’s influence in the ever-evolving art world of the 21st century? Has social media helped you meet or discover new artists? Has it helped you establish relationships and foster communities of artists in new ways? How can artists work to engage the art community and nurture one another via social media?

In the past week and a half I have made 50 new connections with artists in my local area via twitter thanks to an incredible art exhibition at the artdc Gallery. I am grateful for each and every connection I’ve made with these dedicated DC area artists. I am so impressed by each and every artist and art lover participating in this show. Artists were invited via twitter to participate in a massive group show that includes over 40 local artists and over 70 works of art in a wide variety of mediums. #WeTweetArt V2.0 marks the second social media art show for artdc Gallery. I’m excited to share that two of my new mixed media pieces will be in the #WeTweetArt V2.0 group show. I will tweet images and details about my pieces at the March 22 reception, so keep a look out for them.

Check out the facebook event page for the reception/TweetUp Saturday, March 22 at 7pm! Go ahead, click on the Going tab. You know you want to be part of this fabulous show. I hope to see you there. Another element that I love about the #WeTweetArt exhibition is that even if you are in Tampa, or London, or St. Louis, or New York, or Chicago, or Paris, or anywhere, you can still participate in this exhibition and connect with the art and the artists via twitter by following and using the hashtag #WeTweetArt. This event builds community on a local level in the DMV and expands the potential for relationships between artists and art lovers worldwide. Anyone with a twitter account can become a dynamic participant in this art event. So join in, TweetUp, see exceptional art, meet brilliant artists on twitter or IRL. I’m hoping to make a connection with you Saturday night!

#WeTweetArt V 2.0 runs from March 9-April 6. Live music for the March 22 reception/TweetUp will be provided by the Improvisational DJ group Sassoon. The artdc Gallery is located at 5710 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD.


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